Australian-designed footwear for healthcare and hospitality

Discover unparalleled quality, support, breathability, protection, and comfort.

Developed & designed for nurses, doctors & the hospitality industry.

SoulGuardz is revolutionising footwear. Developed and designed with healthcare professionals and the hospitality industry in mind by Dr Joo Teoh a leading Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Surgeon.


A shoe like no other

SoulGuardz Footwear, empowering nurses and doctors to perform their essential duties with confidence and ease. Experience unmatched comfort, support, breathability, and protection with the SoulGuardz Ultimate Care Shoe. Designed to elevate your performance and keep you going all day long, SoulGuardz combines quality, style, and functionality for professionals in demanding work environments.

SoulGillz Badge

Air circulation and ventilation. Let your feet breathe.

SoulAir Badge

Shock-absorbing protection. Feel supported, stay comfortable

SoulLock Badge

Unprecedented grip. SoulGuardz will keep you on your feet!